Ultra-high performance from Pirelli CINTURATO P7

  • Reduced tyre noise resulting in heightened comfort levels
  • Maximum control to improve driver safety
  • Minimised risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions
  • Excellent value for money due to even tyre wear

The Pirelli Cinturato P7 is a summer tyre suited to medium to high performance vehicles. The tyre offers a perfect combination of low rolling resistance, heightened comfort levels and high mileage characteristics.

Comfortable driving experience: The Pirelli P7 Cinturato tyre offer heightened comfort levels due to reduced tyre noise. The tread design has been optimised to reduce rolling noise of the tyre.
Excellent steering response and control: Pirelli have designed the tread pattern of the P7 Cinturato with compact central blocks, combined with a robust external area. This helps reduce tyre distortion during fast cornering and improve steering responsiveness.
Improved levels of safety: Thanks to the use of four wide longitudinal grooves in the tyre’s tread, water is dispersed effectively at a quick rate. This leads to fantastic stability and safety in potentially difficult conditions.
Even tyre wear: The P7 Cinturato uses innovative and advanced hybrid material to ensure balanced pressure distribution. These results in even tyre wear, resulting in a longer lasting tyre.

This pattern may be suitable as Original Equipment for a number of different car manufacturers.

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