Ultra-high performance from Dunlop SPORT MAXX RT2

The Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 is a premium summer tyre designed for maximum performance vehicles such as executive, sports and super cars. The Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 has been engineered with the newest technology, with new and exclusive features.

Improved Steering precision

Steering has been dramatically improved, as the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 has been created with a reduced diameter and coating. These reductions are to enable more of the tyre to be in contact with the road, resulting in better traction and steering precision.

Increased grip on wet surfaces

The Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 has been engineered to have more rubber engaged with the road. This is due to the construction of the tyre being slightly flatter. This flatter profile accompanied with an asymmetric pattern tread, offer excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces.

Shorter braking distance

Shorter barking distance has also been improved due increased block rigidity. This becomes even more apparent at high speeds with the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 finding excellent grip and massively reducing stopping distance.

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