Lasts for more miles

Precision in handling is a key component of the Pilot Sport 5 tyre. Michelin have worked hard to construct a tyre that deliver responsive driving – whilst boasting a unique combination of both sport performance and longer longevity (1). Drive for longer without sacrificing on performance thanks to Michelin’s MaxTouch Construction, that evenly distributing the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering for a longer tread life.​

Long-lasting tyre grip

Developed by Michelin to deliver enhanced wet and dry braking (2-3-4-5). The Pilot Sport 5 features Dual Sport Tread Design with an inner tread that contains large longitudinal grooves. These disperse water from the tyre’s path to increase wet road traction. The tyre’s outer tread has been developed with rigid blocks that deliver better grip on dry roads – allowing motorists to enjoy confidence and enjoyment on the road.​

Performance meets design

Style and substance come hand-in-hand with the Pilot Sport 5 – thanks to Michelin’s Premium Velvet Touch Sidewall design, which features a matt-black velvet-like micro texture. Details matter.​

Dynamic response technology

Michelin have used their extensive motorsport experience to deliver a hybrid belt of Aramid and Nylon – to ensuring light and responsive handling.


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